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  • Learn How to Write an effective resume

    What Information you need in A Resume?

    • Identify Yourself, Education, Continuing Education, Work of Professional Experience, Volunteer Experience, Activities, Computer Skills, Professional Association

    Characteristics Of A Successful Resume?

    • Focuses on skills. Uses action words to define the responsibilities of your job-related experience., | Easy to read and understand. | Visually powerful and free of gimmicks.|One page, or at most 2 page long.

    Successful Resume

    • Language is grammatically correct. | Spelling has been checked. | Formal Style

    Resume Faux Pax

    • Great Attention to detail."Proven ability to track down and correct errors.","Am a perfectionist and rarely if ever forget details.","Accomplishment: Completed 11 years of high school.","Don't use "i" or "me".

    Functional Resumes

    • Doesn't go in chronological order. | Based upon competencies or skills. | Used foe career or those with-unconventional work histories(or executive). Might say "Sales Experience" then list it. | Typically brief with a simple list of positions held, etc.| De-emphasizes importance of specific jobs. Drawbacks to this system (not as popular).

    Basic Checklist

    • No spelling or grammar errors.| Neat, clean, and professional looking.| Length should be 1-2 pages. | Margins at sides and bottom. | Layout makes reading easy. Use of White space is effective.

    How to Write a Cover Letter - Contents.......?

  • Effective & Successful Interview
    Tips For Freshers

    Do You Make The Best Impression You Can?

    • On-Time, Dress, Physical Contact, Eye Contact, Smile, Fidgeting

    Successful Interview Requires

    • Preparation, Presentation, Content

    Behavioral Based Interviewing

    • Prepare Your Starts, Situation or Task, Action Taken, Result of Your Action

    Technical Skills Are Important

    • Great Attention to detail.Attention to Detail, Computer Skills, Analytical Skills, Technical Skills Specific to Your Degree

    Soft Skill Are Just As Important

    • Adaptability, Teamwork, Initiative, Innovation, Integrity.
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